Digital Security

Often overlooked–but always important–is the concept of security

Security is vital for many reasons. Without it you cannot communicate your message to an audience or conduct transactions without fear of interception from competitors, hackers, or worse. To meet your business goals you must guard your network, websites, and transactions from unauthorized access. That’s obvious. But what’s not always clear is how to achieve those goals.

Our focus on security will help you to minimize risks and maximize benefits over competitors that lack such a vision. We can help lock down your digital assets and online presence with the latest Best Practices to include:

  • Deployment of a password management system
  • Strong passwords
  • Yearly PCI or penetration testing
  • Software updates/patches
  • Certificate management
  • Avoidance of systems prone to receive attacks, etc.

In our recently minted 21st century we’ve already experienced digital and Internet calamities that future generations may indeed call “quaint”.