Comes with:

  • Fast load times
  • Domain-validated “Lock” SSL/TLS security certificate
  • SQL Databases
  • Content Delivery Network

Fast load times and an SSL lock are the main points of a Cloud Hosted Website — perfect for E-commerce PCI compliance, such as with Square, Stripe, Paypal, etc.

  • Quick-loading websites give people a great user experience
  • FREE domain-validated SSL’s satisfy many E-commerce-related requirements
  • Lock symbol in address bar lets people know that security is in place for your website
  • SSL/TLS certificate is renewed quarterly in perpetuity while cloud-hosted with JML

*Our Cloud Hosting solves an infrastructure problem that makes websites noticeably faster. However, website content needs to go through optimization efforts for additional speed gains (e.g., image compression, lazy loading, AMP, etc.) 


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