Web Development

Give your business some traction with a high-quality and modern website.

Much has changed since the first websites were published. There were no smartphones, social media, or search engines to speak of, so building websites was a lot simpler. And, as web technologies improved so did the tools used to develop them.

We make sites using database-driven web systems, commonly known as Content Management Systems (CMS). This method let’s us build capabilities into websites that we could not have done for the same price a mere 10 years ago. Some of the other features of CMS development include:

  • Easy in-house edits – Approved users can update pages and media easily without knowing web development (i.e., WYSIWYG)
  • Multiple users – Assign levels of access to various users
  • Mobile-friendly – Layout changes to fit tablets and smartphones
  • Access anywhere – Update your site anywhere you have Internet
  • Security – Core security updates are applied automatically
  • Expandable – Simple 1-click installs of plugins to enhance capabilities (e.g., e-commerce, slideshows, etc.)

Training and coaching are included with all JML web development jobs