It’s the stuff of nightmares for an owner and manager of a tech-related business: an employee goes rogue, steals, and hobbles code. Tesla’s Elon Musk alleges that an employee as his facility did such things and is trying to mitigate damages.

Rogue employees often give a hard lesson in trust.

The publication Tech Republic points to a few ways to ensure this doesn’t happen at your business. One is to setup permissions on servers and computers that make sense for the employee’s tasks, and to go no further with escalated permissions unless there’s a promotion. Another approach is to conduct audits every so often to look for signs of sabotage and stolen data.

There will always be a “rogue” employee in a large organization. It’s human nature. To keep the risks low ensure IT permissions match the employee’s job, conduct audits, and the risk of data loss and sabotage are kept to a minimum.